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What to Expect

  • The Seller must have produced all goats consigned to the Appalachian Kiko Invitational Sale.  Any goat sold must have their farm/herd prefix.
  • Does must be at least 9 months old by time of the sale. (Must be born not later than December 11, 2020)
  • ALL GOATS must be registered with AKGA OR NKR and have proof of their valid registration prior to sale day, this includes: Does sold with kids by side.
  • No kids will be sold with their Dam that are greater than 90 days old.
  • The Consignor must be in good standings and a current member of the registry in which you plan to consign your goat.
  • ALL 100% New Zealand/Purebred New Zealand Kiko and Purebred/Purebred American Kiko goats will be ‘Parent Verified/qualified’ by DNA testing, and all percentage goats will at a minimum, be Sire Verified prior to day of the sale.
  • Doe’s selling as exposed, you will be provide a Sire Service Memo (found on both NKR and AKGA websites). Doe’s selling as confirmed bred, she must be accompanied by a valid sonogram result or blood testing result of pregnancy. Please be aware, that a Doe selling as ‘exposed’ IS NOT a guarantee of pregnancy.
  • 1×1 teats – if any goat is found to have multiple teats or fish teats, they will be disqualified from the sale. EVERY goat will be thoroughly inspected at the time of drop off.
  • If an animal is found to have lumps or injuries that aren’t explained on the Health Certificate, the animal(s) will be disqualified from the sale.
  • Semen straw and Embryo straws arrangement/pick up/transfer is between the buyer and seller. TLC will not be held responsible for incorrect or missing straws


Breeder Guarantee

  • The Consignor must be in good standings and a current member of the registry in which you plan to consign your goat.
  • DOES: Does are guaranteed to be breeders. In the event a female 12 months of age or over is claimed to be non-breeder, after having been breed regularly to a buck known to be a breeder and after having been treated by a licensed veterinarian, the matter must be reported in writing to the Seller within (7) seven months of sale date, or by the time the female is 19 months old, if purchased prior to her first birthday. The Seller shall have (6) six additional months in which to prove any such female, in acceptable breeding conditions, a breeder and may use any registered buck of the breed available to him/her. Any female returned will be at the buyer’s risk. No guarantee is given that a pregnant female will deliver live kids or that she will carry kids’ full term, or the kids carried will not be mummified. The Seller is not responsible for damage caused by foreign bodies after the animal has been sold or for sickness not apparent at the time of sale. No other guarantees either written or implied.
  • CONFIRMED BRED/SIRE SERVICE MEMOS: In the event a Doe is sold and advertised as “exposed” (which is not confirmation of pregnancy) and/or “confirmed bred” and when/if she has live kids, the kids must match Sire and Dam advertised by the seller through DNA verification by the kids’ 6-month old birthday. IF DNA testing nullifies the implied Sire and/or Dam of the kids, it is encouraged that the buyer and seller come to an agreement satisfactory to both parties.  IF it is brought to the attention of the Appalachian Kiko Invitational Organizer that seller is unwilling to correct the matter of discrepancy – that seller will not be invited back to consign at the Appalachian Kiko Invitational.
  • SETTELMENT: Transportation charges on animals returned to the Seller are the responsibility of the Buyer. The Buyer when making settlement will charge no incidental expenses such as feed, care, AI fees, interest, veterinary care, etc. If the Seller is successful in proving the animal in question to be a breeder, the Buyer at his or her expense will reclaim the said animal in a timely manner. Should the Seller fail to prove the animal a breeder, then the Buyer is guaranteed a satisfactory replacement at the farm/ranch, or location of origin, or a refund of the actual purchase price. In no event shall the Seller be responsible for more than the purchase price.
  • EXCEPTION OF GUARANTEE: In cases where the animal is subject to any hormone or surgical reproduction technique after the sale, this guarantee is NULL and VOID.

Top Livestock


Sale Organizer

  • Prospective Buyers should fill out their registration forms at the registration desk so that they can obtain their bidding number.  Bidders must be registered and have this number in order to bid at the auction. Prospective Buyers must also set up an account with Top Livestock Company to view or purchase an animal if planning to purchase an animal via the online auction at
  • Top Livestock Company, LLC will be the auctioneer platform for the sale. The sale will also be live streamed through. AKI Facebook, You Tube, and Web Site. TLC will be providing the online auction services.
  • There will be no private sales or trades of goats not sold by the auctioneer on the Appalachian Fairgrounds during the Appalachian Kiko Invitational Sale.
  • Prior sales of goats made by farms may use the Appalachian Fairgrounds for delivery coordination. Please contact Lance Buckles at 423-957-0059 for coordination.
  • Top Livestock Company is coordinating the auction for breeders and buyers. All agreements and guarantees are the responsibilities of the Seller and Buyer. Top Livestock Company takes no responsibility for the livestock in the sale.
  • Top Livestock Company is acting as an agent, providing an environment for the promotion and sale of the Kiko Goat.
  • Transportation of animals purchased through the online auction platform is solely the responsibility of the buyer
  • Goats are sold ‘as is’.  Any problems encountered after the sale is to be worked out between the Buyer and the Seller.
  • In the case of a dispute, bidding will be reopened between the parties involved. If no further bid is made, the Buyer will be the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid.  The Auctioneer’s decision in such matters will be final.
  • Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of the Buyers, Sellers and animals, the sales management, auctioneer or facility management assume no responsibilities in the matter and disclaim any liability, legal or otherwise, in case of accidents or loss of property.

Odds & Ends

Payment Terms


Cash, cashier’s check, traveler’s check, business / personal checks, PayPal or credit card with proper identification will be accepted. ***Credit card payment will be assessed a 4% convenience fee that will be added to the total sale.



A certificate of registration will be mailed to the Buyer for each registered animal within approximately 2-4 weeks after all checks have cleared.  Health certificates for each animal, as well as any paperwork submitted for your goats that did NOT sell, should be picked up at the checkout table before you leave.


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